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HR Consulting Services.

As a company grows, so does its HR needs. Our HR consultants work with organizations  that are looking to professionally develop the policies and culture of their company. We have a suite of options for businesses of all sizes but specialize in tailoring HR services for small to midsize companies.

A consulting partnership can be an ideal solution when:

  • Guidance on a particular issue is needed, particularly when it has been an issue in the past and was not initially correctly addressed.
  • A specific HR project is needed but there is no one in-house available or qualified to be at the helm.
  • A growing company needs a human resources solution, but management has no idea where to start.

Whether on a project-by-project or ongoing basis, we can help you create and drive the HR initiatives and processes your business must have in order to grow.

Here is a listing of our services and areas of expertise:

HR Audit and Assessment

  • Examine policies, procedures, systems, and overall functions.
  • Ascertain primary HR needs and areas creating legal risks\ Identify HR strengths/deficiencies, what needs improvement.
  • Discuss HR best practices and update all HR documentation.

Legal and HR Compliance

We help clients ensure compliance with statutory regulations such as labor laws. We assist in the maintenance of registers and offer companies advisory services on statutory compliances and associated tasks. We conduct HR compliance audits.

  • Policies Development

We help clients develop and streamline the HR policies of their organization. These include hiring, disciplinary conduct, remuneration, firing, workplace aggression etc. We consult clients throughout the process of policy development, implementation, and evaluation.

Employee Handbook

  • Promote positive employee relations.
  • Reader-friendly, organized and concise
  • Remove antiquated policies and ensure legally up to date.
  • Maintain managerial discretion while being sufficiently detailed.

Employee Pay Practices

We conduct Compensation benchmarking and analysis.

Employee Benefits

  • Employee benefits and insurance analysis
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Wellness programs

Employee Engagement

  • Job satisfaction assessments
  • Internal process reviews and culture analyses
  • Planning of employee events and activities

Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

  • Accurate  Job descriptions
  • Wage and salary surveys
  • Process review
  • Top candidate sourcing
  • Interviewing and selection training
  • Strategies for employee onboarding


  • Executive Coaching
  • Employee Rewards and Incentive Programs
  • Company-Employee Communications
  • Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Corrective and Disciplinary Action Plans
  • Interviewing and Onboarding Processes
  • Employment Separation Considerations
  • Merger and Acquisition Support
  • Organizational Restructuring

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