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What we do

We focus on helping organizations in providing management training and team building. We are passionate about taking on immense Management challenges that matter to you our customers and often to the world.


Line Management Consulting Services.

SouthEastern Africa Consultants(SAC) are experts in the development of line managers. It is undeniable the importance and impact first-line managers have. These managers significantly influence employee motivation, performance, productivity, turnover, and an organization’s culture. However, without the proper training (or any training), first-line managers are left to figure out leadership on their own, putting the performance of an entire organization at risk.


HR Consulting Services.

As a company grows, so does its HR needs. Our HR consultants work with organizations  that are looking to professionally develop the policies and culture of their company. We have a suite of options for businesses of all sizes but specialize in tailoring HR services for small to midsize companies.

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Healthy and Safety Consulting Services.

Our breadth of expertise in unmatched. No matter the industry, we can help create tailored plans  for your organizations. Under Health and Safety, we provide the following:

  1. Occupational Safety: We provide expertise in confined space, electrical safety, emergency response, fire prevention, OSHA record keeping and OSHA training.
  2. Risk Assessments and reviews
  3. Accident investigation and loss control
  4. Workers’ compensation mitigation
  5. Job hazard analysis
  6. Compliance and systems audits
  7. Drivers and riders’ safety awareness
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SAC Training and Capacity Building Programs.

A training and professional development program brings all employees to a higher level to have the requisite skills and knowledge to perform their job responsibilities. Keeping in view that  staff is the key driver of the  business, training becomes essential for their personal grooming and overall productivity of the business.

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Team Development Consultancy services.

In today’s complex world, no leader can make it alone. Teamwork is integral to your operations, and ultimately, your company’s success. Being part of an effective team contributes to the well-being and happiness of your workplace. It improves productivity and efficiency. Diverse, high-performing teams foster innovation and creativity.

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Fire Protection Consultancy Services.

This  is a full service  of inspection, testing, and maintenance of Fire and Life Safety systems. We offer bundled solutions that include detailed inspection reports and local staff to help remedy any issues found upon completion of inspections.

Our Bundled solutions include inspections on the following:

  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Fire Alarm Panels
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems
  • Fire Pumps, Hydrants and Backflow Prevention Equipment
  • Exit & Emergency Signs and Lighting


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Mental Health Consultancy Services.

SAC Consultants are  experts in mental health. We have a strong team of specialist mental health consultants. We provide mental health talks  to your employees. At SAC, we believe that a healthy employee, means health organization

Why Choose US

Our Core Values


We maintain the highest standards of integrity and make it a point to be able to substantiate whatever we say and do.

Customer Exellency

We offer the best services and unique solutions to all our customers.

Customer Centric

For us, the first and foremost priority is to meet the requirements of our customers.


What Our Clients Say?

I had the pleasure of working with the consultation service on a financial project and I was thoroughly impressed with their expertise and professionalism.
Amanda Lee
CEO & Founder Crix
Thanks to their guidance, we were able to achieve our goals and exceed our expectations. I highly recommend this service to any business looking to take their operations to the next level."
Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic
Our experience with the consultation service was nothing short of exceptional. Their team provided expert guidance on our marketing strategy and helped us to better understand our target audience.
Catherine Gilbert
Director at Initech
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